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Here’s what you need to know:

Not all concrete coatings are created equal! Our coatings are designed to be highly customizable. Each one is tailored to meet the unique conditions of your concrete and intended use of your space. The moisture content, age, and state of your concrete are just a few factors that determine which coating is best for you and how much it will cost. That’s where we come in! Our experts will guide you through each step of the design process. Here’s what to expect during your free consultation:

Meet your Design Specialist

Your Specialist will call you when they’re on the way! Prepare to spend 45 minutes with them at your home or business. 

Customize Your Concrete Coating

Next, your Design Specialist will discuss your goals to select the perfect concrete coating for you. They’ll help you choose the best color option, explain our installation process, and answer all your questions.

Get an Exact Price

We take the guesswork out of estimates!  You’ll be provided with an EXACT price during your consultation. Your Design Specialist will assess the condition of your concrete and take measurements to create your custom proposal on the spot.


Finalizing the details and scheduling your project during your appointment allows us to be more efficient.  These efficiencies save our company money and we’re happy to pass those savings along to you.

To receive your discount, simply book your appointment on the calendar below! 

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