Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating in Montana and Wyoming

Floor coating systems are widely used by home and business owners to protect their concrete floors from heavy traffic, chemical spills, and extreme weather elements. Getting a metallic epoxy floor coating from our Montana based company can provide all this durability and protection, plus an incredibly stylish appearance that will increase your overall real estate value.

Advantages of Metallic Floor Coating

Like all of our top-quality Yellowstone Concrete Coatings systems, the metallic flooring utilizes a multi-layer design to provide safe traction, long-lasting durability, and protection from extreme weather. We also offer a variety of metallic epoxy color options to our Montana and Wyoming customers. With the expertly formulated metallic coatings, you get:

Durable: Long-lasting strength

Custom Aesthetic: High-end colors and finishes

Safe: Anti-slip top coat

Low Maintenance: Effortless cleaning

Perfect for commercial or residential spaces that need enhanced décor and effortless care, metallic is the way to go. Particularly popular for places like showrooms, entertainment centers, and kitchen floors, our contractors have found that metallic epoxy floor coatings for Montana homes and businesses make a significant impact on the decor of a space without costing a fortune.

The Yellowstone Concrete Coatings Metallic System has three layers: a pre-tinted epoxy base, a low viscosity metallic epoxy, and a top clear coat. The 3-D, marbleized look of the metallic comes in various colors that can be custom blended to complement your home or business’s interior and bring it to another level.

Rely on Yellowstone Concrete Coatings

Our team at YCC provides only the best floor coating solutions and metallic epoxy color options in Montana. The Yellowstone Concrete Coatings Metallic System is perfect for adding long-lasting protection to your floors and giving them eye-catching pops of color. If you want a durable floor that brings a high-style wow factor to your space, schedule a free consultation with one of our professional installers.

Epoxy Flooring
Metallic Color - Bronze
Metallic Color - Sunburst
Metallic Color - Steel
Metallic Color - Snow
Metallic Color - Scarlet
Metallic Color - Ruby
Metallic Color - Royal
Metallic Color - Mocha
Metallic Color - Midnight
Metallic Color - capri

See How We Can Revamp Your Floors

Looking to get the best décor features that floor coating systems have to offer? Reach out to our metallic epoxy floor coating installation experts in Montana or Wyoming. We’ll provide you with a free in-home consultation so we can help you pick out a custom metallic coating that looks amazing in your home or business.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation in Wyoming or Montana, and learn about the metallic epoxy color options we offer.