About Us

At Yellowstone Concrete Coatings, there is a Difference.

Welcome to the Yellowstone Coatings family, where we strive every day to deliver top-tier customer service that makes a difference in an industry that’s typically impersonal and a little rough around the edges. Yellowstone Concrete Coatings is a division of Yellowstone Structural Systems, a veteran-owned company by local Montanans Jesse and Sara Scott.

Starting small with just two employees, Jesse saw a need for happier, more genuine customer experiences in the industry, which created the foundational elements that make the company what it is today: the best products, employees, and customer-first attitudes possible. From their true passion for service and dedicated pursuit of excellence in every aspect, YSS has grown exponentially.

Our Mission

To be the absolute best at everything that we do, at every organizational level, and in the way we treat people.

Our Values

  • Redefining the industry by challenging the status quo and going above and beyond for both our customers and our employees. 
  • Maintaining a one-team mindset that feels and operates like a family.
  • Developing expert employees by providing them with every possible opportunity for growth. 
  • Having a fun environment where our team and our customers feel at ease.
Epoxy Flooring Application

Yellowstone Concrete Coatings

A division of YSS, Yellowstone Concrete Coatings operates with the same principles that our company was founded on. We don’t believe in temporary fixes - we only provide our customers with the highest quality products available, so you can rest assured that your flooring will stand the test of time. 

Learn why our coatings are the best in the industry. 

The Yellowstone Coatings Difference 

Yellowstone Concrete Coatings continues the legacy of YSS with our own difference in service and quality. All of our coating systems are expertly designed for strength, longevity, and customization and are applied with a thorough, professional installation process. Our installation experts know that flawless results mean taking every step necessary to properly prep your concrete before applying your coating. We don’t just slap on a quick fix - our coating systems and strategic application methods are made to last.