Chip Flooring Installation in Montana and Wyoming

Concrete floors that are prone to staining and wear can be expensive to replace. The best option is to invest in a protective floor coating to give them the durability they need to stand up to high traffic, sunlight, and harsh chemicals over the years.


Multi-Purpose Chip Floor Coating

Whatever kind of concrete floors you need to protect, chip flooring can offer all of the best benefits that our customers love about Yellowstone Concrete Coating products. The 100% polyurea makeup system provides superior durability, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and UV protection. Plus, it can be custom-designed to any color that you need. Here are the advantages of chip flooring:

Durable: Stronger than traditional solutions

Safe: Slip-resistant texture

Custom: Variety of color options

Fast: Convenient, one-day installation

Trusted: Backed by a competitive warranty

Chip flooring is an industrial-strength concrete coating that utilizes three different layers of protection for top-grade strength. Starting with the bottom layer, it’s comprised of a polyurea basecoat, a choice of color flake blend, and a polyaspartic polyurea topcoat. The second coat of flakes comes in various color schemes to match your interior. It can be used in any residential or commercial space that needs an upgrade in durability and style.

Yellowstone Concrete Coating’s Chip Floor System

At Yellowstone Concrete Coatings, we provide our customers with the best coating solution available on the market. Our chip system has the best of both worlds – protection and stylish design options. If your floors are in need of an upgrade, schedule a free consultation today with one of our expert installers.

Epoxy Garage Floor
Chip Color - Trail Mix
Chip Color - Tidal Wave
Chip Color - Stormy Day
Chip Color -Aztec Beige
Chip Color - Smoke
Chip Color - Slate Stone
Chip Color - Silver Creek
Chip Color - Sandstone
Chip Color - Pecan
Chip Color - Pebble Beach
Chip Color - North Pole
Chip Color - Mudslide
Chip Color - Mount Everest
Chip Color - Mediterranean
Chip Color - Martin
Chip Color - Driftwood
Chip Color - Domino
Chip Color - Cordwood
Chip Color - Chestnut

Want to See What Your Floor Could Like?

Take the next step to protect your home or business’s investments. Reach out to one of our floor coating installation experts in Montana and Wyoming. We’ll perform a free consultation so we can help you decide if our chip system is the right solution for you.

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