Quartz Epoxy Floors in Montana and Wyoming

If you have concrete floors in your home or business that are prone to high impact and wear, a quartz floor coating installation from our Montana based team might be right for you. Coatings add long-lasting durability to floors, make them safer, and increase your space's overall real estate value. Our quartz floor coating system is an industrial-strength concrete coating, similar to our chip flooring, but is comprised of five layers of protection rather than three. This system is best for surfaces that need extreme adhesion, protection against changing temperatures, and high chemical resistance.

Best Protection for Extreme Environments

Based in Montana, our company designs quartz epoxy floors to withstand demanding environments with more extreme durability than other coatings. It’s especially recommended for wet or moisture-prone areas. Like all other Yellowstone Concrete Coatings systems, quartz coatings are anti-slip, UV-resistant, and install in as little as one day. We recommend our Montana team’s quartz floor coating installations for areas that need the following:

Strong adhesion: Stays durable in high-traffic areas

Temperature-safe: Withstands extreme temperatures

Chemical resistant: Safe for areas with frequent chemical spills

Tough protection: Guards against high abrasion areas

Starting with the bottom layer, the quartz system is made up of a polyurea basecoat, a choice of quartz color blend, a binder coat, another quartz coat, and a polyaspartic polyurea topcoat. The quartz comes in various color schemes that can be custom blended to match your interior.

Yellowstone Concrete Coatings Quartz Coating System

At Yellowstone Concrete Coatings, we choose only the best floor coating solutions on the market for our customers in Wyoming and Montana. Our quartz epoxy floors are made of a strong, five-layer coating that holds up to the harshest conditions. If your floors need extreme protection, schedule a free consultation with one of our expert installers.

Concrete Coating Flooring
Quartz - Lava
Quartz - Aqua
Quartz - Hazel
Quartz - Forge
Quartz - Cream
Quartz - Blizzard

Which Coating System is Right for Your Floors?

If you have a floor that needs protection from a harsh, damp environment, reach out to one of our quartz floor coating installation experts in Montana or Wyoming. We’ll provide you with a free consultation so we can help you decide if our quartz system is the right solution for you.

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